Friday, June 29, 2012

Cyber bullying evolves with social media

By Nia Kennedy and Alexandria Smith
Susie comes home from a long day of exams to an email from someone she doesn’t know using profane and vulgar language. In this email she can see that it was also sent to all the popular kids at school. She panics because she knows that she is going to be the laughing stock of school tomorrow. Does this sound familiar to you?
This is a perfect example of cyber bullying. According to Bill Belsey, founder of, “Cyber bullying involves the use of information and communication technologies such as email, cell phone, and pager text messages, instant messages, defamatory personal Web sites and defamatory online personal polling Web site to support deliberate, repeated and hostile behavior by an individual or group that is intended to harm others.”
Everyday, technology is changing the world. Cyber bullying is hard to control or delete. People can repost, retweet, and/or screen shot on their smart phones and post it to any social networking site.
Rocky Hanna and Ricky Ardley, administrators at Leon High School in Tallahassee, told multimedia workshop students that the number one reason people get into altercations are posts on social networking sites. Sometimes, it may not just be physical harm; it can also be emotional and verbal.
Cyber bullying is not just a hot topic among students. A 2011 Chronicle of Higher Education Forum asked “Is RateMyProfessors Cyber-Bullying?” One post by pixelvainia on April 16, 2011 responded with “Sure it’s bullying, but also free speech…”
       One type of bullying that is rapidly growing is twitter beef or “tweefing.”  “Tweefing” is back and forth cyber bullying online. It seems like nothing when you’re scrolling past it on your timeline, but you also cannot see what this is doing to the victim. Anything can trigger twitter beef, and the person’s followers tend to instigate by retweeting what the person posted. It may have had nothing to do with the person, but it can easily be taken out of context and start a feud. Threats can begin to get exchanged and sometimes physical altercations will branch from those threats.
         There have been numerous cases in which cyber bullying cases have led to tragedies, including the suicide deaths of Tyler Clementi and Megan Meier. Now, social networking sites have created ways so that you can let them know if someone is bullying you. For example, on Facebook and Twitter, there are “block” button that can prevent you and the person bullying you from having interaction. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Antwone Fisher.

Yesterday (June 27th), we watched the movie Antwone Fisher. Antwone Fisher is about a man whose past prevents him from moving forward in life. He is told to go visit a psychiatrist, and the psychiatrist works with him through his problems. I think that the psychical and emotional abuse through Antwone's childhood kept him in a hard place. The effects of bullying and abuse can be longterm and prevent a person from moving past the past.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


(June 25, 2012) As a part of the Down Jones' Multimedia High School Workshop, we watched the movie, "Cyberbullying." In the movie, a teenager is bullied online by her classmates and finds out that her best friend started it. The main teen, Taylor, tries to commit suicide as a result of the harsh things that he classmates were saying about her. I learned from this movie that you never know what is going on in someone's head. Everything you say has an effect and you should watch what you say. I thought that the movie was good and it portrayed the reality and severity of today's technology world. Every teen should see "Cyberbulling," to fully understand that your words effect others!

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Alexandria Smith
Mailing Address: 5482 Cathers Creek Drive Hiram, GA 30141 Phone: (404)-433-0382 Fax: (678)-384-0898 E-Mail:


I would like to pursue a career in broadcasting journalism in the future.


    Hillgrove High School's Hawk Talk                                           2009-2013

Student-run news show. Students wrote stories, developed stories, created packages, edited packages, and delivered packages on a weekly basis.


    Hillgrove High School.                                                              2009-2013

Software Used

Final Cut Pro, Microsoft Office, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, HD Cameras, Apple Computers, and  PCs.

Accomplishments/ Skills

When I was younger, I began taking pictures. When I entered into my freshman year of high school (2009), I entered my school's Broadcasting Video Production class and I am now (2012) entering into the final & most advanced class. We produce a weekly student-ran show. I have been able to produce, edit, shoot, and direct the show. Through the four year experience, I have learned how to find stories, develop stories, and deliver stories in an effective way. I have served as a lighting director, technical director, tape operator, switcher, anchor, camera-man, director, and producer. On my own time, I have edited videos for my dad's church and other occasions for various people.